Web Design Checklist
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Web Design Checklist

Are you planning to hire a consultant to develop your new website? What should you expect when you first contact with a Web Development Consulting Firm?

When you first contact them, the professionals of a Web Development Consulting Firm will ask you you a short questionnaire in order to understand your project and be able to prepare a proposal for you.

This is the questionnaire a web dev consulting firm may present to new customers:

    • What will be the goal of your website?
      • Will it be a brochure website?
      • Will it be a standard web application (e-commerce, online community, online media, etc)
      • If it will be an e-commerce website, how many products will it sell?


    • Will this be a totally new website or an upgrade of an old website?
    • Please provide some competitor websites that are similar to the web project you have in mind.
    • Approximate number of pages
    • Any special functionality desired?
      • chat?


    • Any special visual style desired?
    • Will you need to update/create content after the launch?
      • who will manage the website once launched?


    • Will you need us to help you with:
      • domain registration?
      • hosting?
      • corporate email?


    • Do you plan to scale this website in the near future? (do you plan that your activity will expand or internationalize?)
    • Do you have the web content ready?
      • structure
      • text
      • images


  • Have you prepared your project after defining a Digital Marketing Plan?
  • Once the site is live, how do you plan to bring new visitors to the website?
  • How do you plan to convert the new web visitors into customers?
  • How much are you willing to invest in this project?
    • Less than $3,000
    • From $3,000 to $10,000
    • From $10,000 to $20,000
    • From $20,000 to $60,000
    • More than $60,000

Once the customer has answered this questionnaire, we will tell him if we can help him with the project. Some customers do not have realistic projects or budgets, and some others may be looking for technologies different than the ones we master.

If we consider we can help the customer, the next step is to schedule a 30-minute meeting with him at our place or via Skype if he is not local. The goal of this meeting is to complete our impression of the project and the customer, present our proposal and sign the contract.


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July 19, 2016

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