The Digital Marketing System
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The Digital Marketing System

Some say that your website must become the first piece of your digital marketing system. They are wrong: in order to design your website properly you need to define your Digital Marketing Plan before and then use the strategy and tactics defined there to build a website and the remaining Digital Marketing tools with sense.

The new Digital Marketing System includes all the digital channels a company uses to communicate with her potential customers, get new leads, nurture them till they are ready to buy, convert them into customers and promote new sales from actual customers.

Ideally, a Digital Marketing System is composed by:

  1. Plan: goals, strategy (keywords map) and tactics (Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, Analytics, Digital Marketing Team).
  2. Digital Marketing Team: in small companies, a Web Digital Marketing Manager may suffice. At the Enterprise level: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Creators and Social Media engagers, Web Manager, Online Advertising Manager, Marketing Automation Manager, Sales Automation Manager, etc.
  3. Content Marketing System: Content Creation Flow based on Keywords Map, Content Formats, Content delivery channels, Engagement System, SEO tactics, etc.
  4. Infrastructure: CMS website, Blog, Social Media accounts, etc.
  5. Online Advertising System: Search Engine Marketing, etc.
  6. Marketing Automation System: landing pages, gated assets, email marketing, leads database management, etc.
  7. Sales Automation System (CRM).
  8. Digital Marketing Analytics System.

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July 28, 2016

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