Digital Marketing Manager: Startup #2 Employee

Digital Marketing Manager: Startup #2 Employee

Till years ago, the first employees of a startup used to be the tech guy and the sales guy. Not anymore.

The way customers buy has changed. We do not answer cold calls, the “No Soliciting” signs are on every office building, we do not open sales letters, we do not open sales emails, we do not trust a sales pitch anymore. We do not watch TV ads, listen to radio ads, we do not buy magazines or newspapers.

We do buy. More than ever. But we do it differently.

We see our friend with his new gadget on Facebook, or read a tweet about the wonders of that new service. Then we “google it”. We learn about the product, read blog posts, watch youtube videos, search the provider options and the opinion of the previous customers.

Finally, when WE contact the sales manager of the company that sells the product we have chosen, he does not need to sell us anything: we know the features, we know the competitive differences, we know the price, we know the company’s reputation, we know even the sales manager hobbies.

Get the picture? Before the sales manager is able to do his job, the startup needs to have a diligent Digital Marketing Manager that opens the way for him aligning all the new communication channels and techniques that form the Digital Marketing System.


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July 19, 2016

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