Apps and Webs are Eating The World
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Apps and Webs are Eating The World

On August 20 2011, Marc Andreeseen (Mosaic, Netscape, Andreessen Horowitz) published one of the most remarkable articles of the last years in The Wall Street Journal. The title of that article was “Why software is eating the world”, and was a superb description of a new scenario where nothing will be like it used to be.

The article was divided in four sections:

  1. Diagnostic: app and web companies are taking over the traditional companies.
  2. Demonstration: practical examples that demonstrate how this change is affecting the major industries of the world.
  3. Challenges: problemas and risks brought by the new scenario.
  4. Recommendations: suggested lines of action in order to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the new opportunities.

In the next blog posts, we will analyze in detail the content of these four sections.

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July 19, 2016

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